Wednesday, February 19, 2014

EUR/JPY Signal

Time21:40 GMT
Take Profit139.85
Stop Loss140.65

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  1. SL :( each signal i follow hits SL each i don't hits TP :((

  2. I m long now entry in pull back signal Short it was ok for tf intrday but now euro seems want to go up

  3. If you are following this strategy you must take small enough positions to not care about 10 losses in a row. You should be consistent in the amount of each lot size you trade every time you open a position...(trade 1 lot every single time win or lose, or 1 micro lot EVERY time you open the trade) most importantly you must take EVERY signal that is generated and follow your rules. Move your tp to break even as soon as trade is heavily in your favor. Do this for 60 trades in a row. If your account has more in it after 60 days then the system and signals are profitable and your account will continue to prosper. If not, then find a new system.

  4. Awesome. Sir do u know any safe stratagy for ppl like me who doest have much money in account.?

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