Friday, December 6, 2013

USD/JPY Signal

Price 102.18
Take profit  at 101.68
Stop loss at 102.48
From 08:40 06-12-2013 GMT Till 11:40 06-12-2013 GMT
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  1. They remove Eur/Jpy signal. Not a trustworthy signal provider anymore

  2. I am new in it...what is the meaning of this signal

    1. It means that its a selling signal set it like its posted ie.
      Sell USD/JPY -----> Sell or Ask
      Price 102.18 --------> Entry spot
      Take profit at 101.68 ----------> set your take profit at it . ( look for 15 pips Profit )
      Stop loss at 102.48 -------------> Set your stop loss at it
      From 08:40 06-12-2013 GMT Till 13:40 06-12-2013 GMT --------> The time period of the signal .

  3. What do u think for euro/USD will this go down now

  4. Im quite skeptical about this trade but still went ahead with it since their usd/jpy signals have been good by far...

  5. Be careful. Payroll is coming and chances are this aint watching fundementals only technical.

  6. They are watching fundermentals, I think. Thats why they asked to exit before the news.

  7. i can't understand why you people gives always the wrong signal for this pair. you have already know and also seeing that from last couple of weeks its going up and up but you always give the sell signal................. what is the logic behind it anyone can explain her plz or admin will plz explain i go with buy opposit from you and get the +40$.

  8. this week signals are very bad

  9. The thing is usd jpy is hitting critical resistance zones which triggers sell orders . And I guess they were guessing a bad nonfarm payroll but they were wrong

  10. Exited the trade early with few pips loss. Reversed the trade and made off with 60 pips profit :)