Tuesday, September 3, 2013

USD/CAD Signal

Price 1.0525
Take profit  at 1.0450
Stop loss at 1.0575
From 12:25 03-09-2013 GMT Till 18:25 03-09-2013 GMT

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  1. I hope i wont lose like gbp usd. Good luck..

  2. Tip: All USD leading pairs tend to move in the same direction. If you get a BUY signal and the majority of USD's are selling then sell.

  3. Plz I need to understand something
    Do I have to wait until getting TP or SL ?
    and are these trade are daily ? i mean if we past till the end of the day i have to close the trade?

  4. Yehia wahsh. No. Sometime leave to tp depend ? Sometimes it happens. Its not often it goes to sl so you can leave it. Till it profit and then pull out move on. I use to pull out but now I just sit it out. Because most of the time. It moves back if it's gone the wrong way. A profit is just profit. ? What goes up and all that. try it. I gess I use to pull out due to fear of loss. Then sl prevents a large loss so be patient ? It seems to work . And if you do lose you learn from it.

  5. TiP: It's never a better time to take profit than right NOW. You do not need to wait til PT. Lock in your profits by moving your SL closer to price. I use a mental SL.

  6. No notification. Got them for a while then ? Like me to rate your app. This may have been my first ratings. But not sure of the performance.. rate later.

  7. @yehia no you do not have to, if u need more assistance we have created whatsapp chat group for all the traders u can send request to +919619369077